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The fitness and wellness experience that our clients want to share with anyone interested in starting out their fitness journey!

Testimonials: Headliner

Dan Ping, Academic Librarian

I decided to get a trainer for a change - to look better, feel better and get stronger. I can see amazing transformations both physically and mentally for the 4 months that I've been working with Ka Jin. He is amiable, trustworthy and always encouraging, who helped me build up my confidence from almost zero background. Thanks to him I achieved a level of fitness that I thought unattainable, and I'm totally enjoying it! Ka Jin is also knowledgeable and passionate in personal training, highly recommended if you are looking for a PT!


Tao Jun, Research Fellow

Thanks to Ka Jin, I am now 10kg lighter and my waistline is 3in smaller as compared to 6 months ago; bodyfat is down by 5.1%. KJ plans trainings that are both creative and progressive, covering all muscle groups in a week’s trainings. His instructions are easy to follow. His explanations are informative. Most importantly, KJ has helped me live a sustainable healthy lifestyle. I feel more motivated to work out than ever!


Gerard George, Dean of SMU LKCSB
& Wife, Hema

Hema and I have been very happy with Ka Jin’s training and guidance. Both of us felt ‘lighter’ and toned after few weeks of training. Ka Jin has helped us think about our food intake to cultivate a better-sustainable fitness lifestyle!  He is thoughtful, encouraging, creative with new routines to keep it interesting, and matches the workout to our needs and our pace. We’d be happy to recommend Ka Jin.


Li Yao, Economics Professor

I began training with Ka Jin in July 2019 and he has exceeded all expectations I had of working with a personal trainer. He is very encouraging, motivating and highly intelligent with extensive knowledge in health and fitness. He pays attention to details and is very thorough in explaining and demonstrating proper form+techniques to ensure that your training are safe and effective. His gym is very clean and organised, and has a large variety of equipment to meet your personal needs.

Fei Da.JPG

Fei Da, Associate Professor
for Information Systems

After training with Ka Jin for a few months, I not only saw my weight down by 5kg but felt more energetic as well. If you are looking for someone who is patient, encouraging, attentive with good rapport, Ka Jin is your choice. His gym is also conveniently located, well-equipped and cozy with good privacy.  I have been happy working with Ka Jin for almost a year now, and I have been recommending him to many of my friends aiming for a healthier life.


Lou Yun, Accountancy Professor

Ka Jin is a great trainer. He knows how to pace the training based on each individual’s preference. He is also very professional and helpful. I highly recommend him to everyone!

Kenneth Transformation.jpg

Kenneth, Masters Graduate

I have been working with Ka Jin for almost a year now and I couldn’t be happier with the results and experience I achieved. I was never excited about exercise. However, after meeting Ka Jin, that view quickly changed. Upon meeting him, we quickly devised a set of goals to target over the course of our year training which included losing fat while gaining mass. In addition to his proactive participation into my fitness journey, Ka Jin is a very personable and enthusiastic fellow who made going to the gym very tough yet fun and enjoyable. He was very encouraging and motivational as he constantly pushed me to achieve my goals even though I mentally found it difficult to do so. After months of training, I was able to qualify to compete in the DBS Marina Regatta where I found myself alongside people that were larger than myself. Ka Jin receives my recommendation to anyone who aims to integrate fitness and change into their lives!

Meng Jie.HEIC

Meng Jie, Accountancy PhD Student

The gym is a place I use to dread but training with Ka Jin has changed my entire perspective on it and made it something I look forward to! He is extremely knowledgeable and good at helping me understand the proper form of each exercise. He is so passionate and I can feel his heartfelt love for fitness, which is contagious. He is very responsible, always paying close attention to my physical indicators and tailoring each session accordingly. Now, we have worked together for about 40 sessions, and Ka Jin has helped me lose roughly 6 kg and more than 10% body-fat. I’m still on my journey, but know that continuing to work with him will help me make better change to my life!


Chiara, Exchange Student

Hello, I’m Chiara and I was an exchange student as SMU from August to December 2019. I started working out with KJ during my first week of exchange and he trained me until my very last one. Even though I was not a gym passionate, thanks to his friendliness and professionalism I enjoyed every single work out and I also managed to make some very good progresses too.

Indeed, I lost 2.5% of fat and 4kg. 

I really recommend him as a trainer if you want to enjoy the gym and improve your physical health.


Sean, System Analyst

Finding the right balance between a busy work schedule, and my own personal fitness, has always been a challenge for me. Which was why working out with Ka Jin was such a Godsend. He takes the time to understand your specific needs, and works with you to achieve your fitness goals. 

Having worked out with Ka Jin for the last six months, not only am I now leaner and stronger, I now have a tighter grip and understanding of my own fitness. I highly recommend Ka Jin for anyone looking for a personal trainer!


Pei Ran, Assistant Visual Merchandising Project Manager

Ka Jin is a passionate and knowledgeable trainer who always pays attention to my gestures during workouts and keeps pushing my limit by using different routines.  With all the well-maintained equipment , it is awesome experience to work out with KJ at 1APTITUDE.

Maegan & Vivian.jpeg

Maegan & Vivian, Students

Working out with Ka Jin is fun! We always have a laugh doing a mix of exercise catered to our needs. He includes weights, core and cardio to give a really well rounded workout that we really enjoy!


Kevin, Private Bank Analyst

Ever since we started, I have lost 5KG in 3 months through training with Ka Jin and doing intermittent fasting on my own. He is a great trainer in pushing my limits especially in areas like my squat as I have difficulty balancing. I also felt stronger and continue to look forward to the progress we can achieve!

Jay & Manisha.jpeg

Jay, NUS Associate Professor & Wife, Manisha

Ka Jin is an extremely patient yet persuasive trainer. He is encouraging and gentle - two qualities that make me look forward to the workout sessions with him. He has good knowledge, is clear and precise in his instructions and helped us ramp up towards a fitter self in a very short time. I wish him well for future!


Tanveen, HR Manager

I have been training with Ka Jin since Jan 2021. I started my journey at a point in my physical health when I was 12KG over my ideal weight and the heaviest & unhealthiest I have ever been in my life. 

After working out through 2021, I lost a total of 10KG & 10% body-fat. It took me less than a year to reach my ideal weight/strength and food habits once I started training with Ka Jin, following his structured approach to getting fit i.e. focus on the right things, eat well and slow but steady for sure.

I really enjoy working out with Ka Jin and will continue to do so in future! If motivation, flexibility, and a personal approach is what you are looking for in a Personal Trainer, then Ka Jin is the man for you!

Lih Han.JPG

Lih Han, Lawyer

Ka Jin is a trainer that understands my needs and customises my training program accordingly. He always makes an effort to demonstrate the exercises and explains the muscle group targeted in the respective exercises. Having undergone Ka Jin’s training program, I have seen progressive improvements to my physical well-being and health. I lost a healthy 4KG and dropped 4% body-fat over 2 months of training. Your personal fitness goals will be met too under Ka Jin’s guidance and will be happy to recommend him.

Terence & Shan.JPG

Terence & Shan

We found it beneficial to have a personal trainer as we wanted to target areas with stubborn fat and gain muscles. At 1APTITUDE Gym, Ka Jin ensures that every exercise workout, coupled with state of the art equipment, produces results over a short period. We shed a few kilos in months, following the recommended exercises even at home. This motivated us to work even harder at maintaining our progress which is monitored closely on a weekly basis. We highly recommend anyone who wants to stay fit and strong to embark on 1APTITUDE's training to reach their fitness goals!

Jian Huan.jpeg

Jian Huan, Economics Professor

Ka Jin is very professional and good at motivating you to achieve your goals. Hence, I recommend him to anyone that is interested in having a personal trainer!


Naomi, Masters Graduate

Working out with Ka Jin helped me to start a better journey towards wellness. He was caring and knowledgeable about my goals. Not being a huge fan of working out, he made the sessions quite fun and challenging at the same time. I would highly recommend him!

Sidney Transformation.jpg

Sidney, Masters Graduate

Ka Jin has done so much to help me reach my weight goals, I have always found it very hard to gain weight and he was able to help me gain 5kg of muscle weight within 3 months. He knows the exercises very well, corrects your form, and really pushes you to the maximum (sometimes to the point where I low key hate him – especially leg days). Ka Jin’s best quality though, has to be his kind personality. I always have a lot of fun working out with him, and it’s great to have a PT who’s also your friend.

Zhao Xin.HEIC

Zhao Xin, Lawyer

Ka Jin is an amazing trainer who is genuinely concerned for his clients. He is ever encouraging and constantly motivates me to work harder. His knowledge is extensive, but beyond this - his ability to listen to the needs of a client to reach her goals in a doable and safe manner truly inspires confidence.


Jonah, Eye Specialist

Couple of factors really impress me about 1APTITUDE / Ka Jin, having had different trainers along the way. Firstly, Ka Jin is sensitive to my fitness goals and my training needs. He caters the workouts to my needs and wants right down to the intricate nuances. His depth of knowledge is impressive as well. Secondly, the equipment in 1aptitude is second to none in terms of range and functionality. Having been to a number of gyms, I can tell a lot of thought has gone into the equipment range.


Jonathan, Director of Lien Centre for
Social Innovation

Training with Ka Jin is fun as he switches up the routines and makes sure that I do my exercises correctly. He is very attentive to the progress of my workout! I highly recommend Ka Jin to anyone out there who is committed to have a healthier life and great workout experience.


Zi Chun, Research Fellow

I have been training with Ka Jin for four months. My weight and body fat go down continuously, my waistline is smaller and I felt “stronger” and “younger”. Ka Jin is encouraging and persuasive, always pushing me to the maximum even though sometimes I mentally found it difficult to do so. His instructions are easy to follow and his explanations are clear and informative. I’d be happy to recommend Ka Jin.

Yue Xuan.jpg

Yue Xuan, Economics PhD Student

I had a really happy experience with Ka Jin’s training. He is very encouraging, knowledgeable and patient. He always explain in detail and correct me on the go so that the whole training is safe and efficient. Lastly, his gym houses a great variety of machines and is always clean and tidy. Will strongly recommend him to anyone interested in a healthier lifestyle!

Testimonials: Products
Testimonials: Services

Mira, Office Secretary

I wholeheartedly recommend Ka Jin as a personal trainer. Having worked out with several professionals before, I can vouch for his deep knowledge of fitness, health and nutrition. His bespoke and varied workouts incorporating free weights, equipment, and new accessories kept gym time fun and interesting. Ka Jin progressively ramped up the intensity, which helped me reach my goal of toning up in a few short months, and simultaneously rebuilt my strength around an injury. He is encouraging and personable, and I only wish I stayed in Singapore longer to continue the fitness journey with him.

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